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Thread: mdwatts - Mike Watts has passed away

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    MdWatts has helped me countless times here, he was always so eager to help me and all others. Yes, everyone else has already said it, but its true; You will be missed by us here on JL, and all else where, you were truely the best of the best.

    You have mine, and everyone else's wishe's for your journey in the beyond.

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    Good-bye, Mike, I miss you. You will be forever remembered by those of us in the Linux community who are fortunate to have known you through the Linux boards. Through the legacy of your many posts answering a wide range of Linux questions, we will be able to access the information so willingly provided by our Linux Guru.
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    It speaks volumes for a man to have so entered peoples minds and hearts with just words typed upon a screen. As new as I am to this forum tears did spring with this news,
    My prayers, too, go to his family and friends.

    Rest happily and painlessly will be missed

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    You will be truly missed; you have been a great asset to the JL LN community, when I heard the news I truly wept, like many others have said you helped me countless times, and I will never forget that thank you. I consider you a friend and will miss the conversations we had via the message boards and private messages. My condolences go out to Mike’s friends and family

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    My condolences to his family and friends..

    Rest in peace, you will be missed and we won't forget you.

    Goodbye Mike...

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    My condolences to the family and friends of MDWATTS, we're all gonna miss him. I wish I could give him one final thanks.
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    I know Mike from the LNO days. I had my account deleted but had to re-register to add my thoughts here.


    I told you this before in private but here it is for the world to hear: I always admired your devotion to the things that mattered to you. All the more so when you told me you were sick. You have been a true inspiration to me and I can only begin to understand how much you moved the people who were entitled to have known you in person. You were a great teacher and a wonderful person. I will always have a place in my heart for you. Mike, I will never forget you.


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    I'd sold a laptop to Mike last year. I didn't want to sell to anyone from Canada because of the shipping cost, but when Mike expressed interest anyway, I had no reservations. I knew him as a stand up guy so when he said he wanted to make the purchase, I knew he meant it, and he did.

    I'm glad I took the opportunity at that time, to tell him what an asset to the community I thought he was. He wasn't really comfortable hearing this, but I suppose it's because he didn't provide so much help to gain fame, but just because he wanted to. He wasn't just down to business, but he was also gracious and kind (something you don't often see in the Linux/Unix community). And he knew how to use Google like no one else I've ever seen!

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Mike's family and friends.

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    While thinking of his death, I was reminded of how the Linux world has grown and how Mike contributed to that growth. I would sometimes wonder how someone could devote so much time to answering questions about a computer operating system. I realize now that he really loved Linux and all that the the word Linux implied.
    He started using Caldera OpenLinux in 1996 I believe, and then incorporated several more distributions into his repetoire. Not only did he moderate on this forum, he also worked full time for a Toronto insurance company as a systems engineer. I believe they had at least close to a hundred servers plus numerous work stations. And I remember he would mention bicycle riding, picnics in the country, fights with his girlfriend over his computer time , and lately his treatment for cancer. During all this he kept up a fairly constant presence at Justlinux, answering questions and pointing out the benefits of using linux. He loved Linux for the same reason the majority of us love Linux, we can tinker it to death and reinstall it as much as we care to do so.
    I can remember that most mornings I would get up at 6:00 AM, make pot of coffee, log on to Justlinux, and would see the first 5-10 posts in Software, Installation, Hardware, Technical, and Network with the sig "MDWatts" appended. He used to get up at 5:00 AM on work days to make sure unanswered posts from the previous day were not left unanswered. I believe this was an act of love for Linux and for Linux users.
    Mike, thank you . Linux is the better for you having been here.
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    This fella has helped me out many times. You help and encouragement will be missed.
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    I really liked mdwatts' teaching (if that's what it's called), where other people (not at JL, but other places) would just say "google it," mdwatt's would post a link to his actual search or tell the keywords he/to use.

    Very creative and useful. It helped a lot, and at the same time it would slowly teach people how to search.

    Ahh, and we've all forgotten my favorite part of mdwatts' sig:

    If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem.
    My deepest sympathies go out to mdwatts' family and friends.

    (and to the question of an address to send cards to, my guess is he's one of these: these... I suppose whoever sold him the laptop would know, too...)
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    While I never directly corresponded with mdwatts (that I know of), he seemed like a very nice guy, and an asset to the JL community. I'm sad that he's gone and give my condolences to all his friends and family.

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    Words are horribly inadequate at a time like this.
    They simply cannot contain, nor can they convey, the sense of loss wrought in those of us who remain behind.

    Until we meet again, Mike, you will be sorely missed.

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    MdWatts has helped countless people in this forum, the Regular's, the Newbie's and even the Guest's(such as myself until now) who would search for their Linux problems.

    Most of my solutions came from MdWatts and the others in this forum and I would like to thank him for all the hard work he has done for us. MdWatts you will be missed.

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    Naturally, I am stunned by this information, having just returned from a weekend camping trip. I am endeavoring to contact Mike's family to confirm this news and find out what ways we as a community could express our condolences on behalf of Mike.

    When I have more information for you, I will post it in this thread and in a front page announcement.

    In the meantime, I think a more appropriate forum for this discussion will be /dev/random, because of the wider audience there.

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