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Thread: mdwatts - Mike Watts has passed away

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    I haven't been able to be here for a while now. My cousing just told me the sad news. He helped me a lot as well as many countless others. He gave me my first steps on linux

    He really will be missed.
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    mdwatts was a great man. People like him don't deserve bad things like that. It's a shame.

    You will be really missed, you were appreciated like no other.

    PS. somewhat strange that no one had any idea he was sick at all? Usually things like that creep out at least a little bit?

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    Originally posted by Fryguy8

    PS. somewhat strange that no one had any idea he was sick at all? Usually things like that creep out at least a little bit?
    It may not have been common knowlege, but it wasn't very hushed up(for lack of a better word) that he had cancer. He had to take extended leaves due to it before.

    such a terrible thing cancer can be
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    I just ain't got the words.

    My deepest sympathies to his family and friends. I reckon God needed a Linux guru in heaven.

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    From the beginning mdwatts has helped me through my linux struggles. He was a great man even though I didn't know him personally. He gave much to this community and we should be thankful for the time that we had with him. I don't think anyone on this forum that talked with mdwatts will ever forget him.

    sympathies to mdwatts family and friends.

    Rest in peace.
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    Originally posted by Fryguy8
    PS. somewhat strange that no one had any idea he was sick at all? Usually things like that creep out at least a little bit?
    when he was still well enough to sit down and email, in one of his emails to me he said that he didnt want people saying how sorry they were all the time, because he got enough of it in person.

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    Words cannot explain how sad I am to hear this. He has helped me many times including one of my first questions (as another user account...) was answered with just a link to G4L nothing else....

    You will be very missed here

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    I'm very sad to read these news, but yet I'm calm as I somehow felt that coming. <sigh>

    I really hope there will be an address published where we can send cards of condolence to. I absolutely want to send a card from Switzerland to let his family and friends know how far Mike's words reached although his disease imposed limits on him. I hope as many international users as possible will participate.

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    My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

    We planned on a get-together in Toronto early June this year, but it fell apart for lack of response/interest amongst the GTO members...
    Really wish I still could have made it as he didn't sound too "out-of-shape" at that time, but we kinda agreed on 'next time I was in the area' .... so his hair would have grown back

    Good bye Mike, you will be missed!
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    Originally posted by bproffitt

    Mike did not have much in terms of a family here in Toronto. He only had his step mother and a group of about 4 loyal friends ( yours truly included).
    He has a few great aunts in North Carlolina, and a few more aunts and cousins in England, and that's all.
    Currently I do not have their address or know if they have an email address, however should I get this information I will let you know.
    I'm sure that Mike would not have wanted to hear of how bad everyone feels about his passing, although it is painfull to all of us who knew him personally, Mike would have liked to hear the good things in Life itself - and of course how great Linux is - one of his true loves in life.


    Naturally, I am stunned by this information, having just returned from a weekend camping trip. I am endeavoring to contact Mike's family to confirm this news and find out what ways we as a community could express our condolences on behalf of Mike.

    When I have more information for you, I will post it in this thread and in a front page announcement.

    In the meantime, I think a more appropriate forum for this discussion will be /dev/random, because of the wider audience there.

    Brian Proffitt

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    Thank you Mike for your contribution to the world.

    My condolences to everyone that knew Mike personally.

    I am sure you are in goods hands now.

    Thank you

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    There is not much more I can say that hasn't already be said by everyone else. Although I have not been here too long, it has been long enough to have had you help me on many occasion. You will be dearly missed.
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    Originally posted by MMYoung
    I reckon God needed a Linux guru in heaven.
    Yep, it looks like heaven went open source.

    Couldn't have picked a better person to help make the switch either.

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