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Thread: mdwatts - Mike Watts has passed away

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    Farewell MD... you helped me more than once fix the problems I had with Linux that always seemed to be "between the keyboard and the chair" ... thanks for all... you will be missed!

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    When browsing the forums, I never knew that I would be reading a thread like this. Words can not state how sad I am of his passing, I am sure he is in a better place now.

    His family has my Sympathy.

    He was a real nice person (I hope, never met him unfortunately), and a valueable member of this community.
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    Looks like I'm late for the news...

    He's been here since linuxnewbie , I can't count how much he helped me out

    Last pm's I got from him when he greeted me on my birthday

    Only fond memories for me.

    Enjoy your day !!!
    Damn, I'll miss that great guy

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    I've been away on holiday for quite sometime and just learned about these events. First off, I'd like to thank wasylk for letting JL know about MdWatts passing. It would of been a poor credit to his memory to just sit and guess about why he was no longer an active member of the forum.

    Secondly, I never thought it was quite possible to foster meaningful relationships through the internet due to the lack of personel contact, however I find that I am wrong.

    MdWatts helped be through my first problem in Linux (WinModem...) gently and carefully. He encouraged me and all the other users on the board to be independent and help out. He was a great asset to JL and Linux in general.

    I highly support of the idea of MdWatts memorial.
    (but I won't go into detail about that here... I see there's another thread... Md wouldn't want me cross-posting)

    In summary,

    Best of luck in the great beyond.


    Thanks for everything.
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    Just wanted to add my voice to all those here.

    If you know people on other boards who used to belong to LNO/JLC in the past, please pass on the news.

    I for one will toast his name this evening, and I hope that we (both mods and members) will do him proud.
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    I dont come in here as much as I used to, but I saw it posted on LQo
    I never knew him, he helped me out a few times as he did with everyone else, but his posts are all over the JL boards and I used to enjoy reading them.
    I saw a guy posting on another thread that perhaps people were overdoing things,
    well MDWatts was one voice among many in the Linux world, but his was a loud voice and it was everywhere where it was needed.

    Anyway my condolences go out to Mike's family & friends,
    My condolences also go to the friends he made here, among the Mods and members who knew him as well as one can be known online and will miss him greatly.

    A sad loss, may he rest in peace.
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    I am very sad to hear that Mike has passed. I've been a member here on the JL forum for several years and Mike helped me out numerous times. Mike will be sorely missed.

    Mike touched so many lives & from so many corners of the Earth. It's truly amazing and leaves many wonderful memories.

    Thanks Mike, you've been a hero to many.

    Still are a hero.
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    Originally posted by Alex Cavnar, aka alc6379

    I remember you somewhat from the LNO days. It's good to see you back, if not just to pay your respects. We here at JustLinux appreciate your sentiments.
    Your name rings a bell, too. Along with many others. (I see DMR, cybergal, bwkaz, MkIII Supra, mrBen, JohnT, Choozo and omg: Paul!!! (how you're doing?) just to name a few) It's good to see this place still thriving. You guys are doing a hell of a job bringing linux to the masses. To carry on Mike's legacy I'm gonna try and pop in from time to time helping out where I can.

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    thanx for all your help'll truly be missed.

    condolences to his friends and family.

    (and like someone mentioned, if not done already, the post that joked about MD dying should definately be deleted)
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    Thanx to everyone that helped/helps me on this forum!

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    Originally posted by mrBen
    I for one will toast his name this evening, and I hope that we (both mods and members) will do him proud.
    As will I.

    Though he had his many critics, of which I was often one, I certainly cannot fault his commitment to the board, and just how useful he has been over the years. He deserved his title of "Grand Master".

    Here's to Mike Watts; he won't be forgotten any time soon.

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    condolences to his family. Will be sadly missed.
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    God bless MD and his family..he will be missed
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    I am very sorry to hear that. He helped me many times.
    The LInux community will miss him
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    Re: mdwatts - Mike Watts has passed away

    Originally posted by wasylk
    I was a good friend of Mike's and I am sure that there will be many of you who will miss him
    God bless Mike...(Wasylk)
    Wasylk, Is there some way you can contact any of his family members, or whoever was closest to him, and show them this thread?

    (Sorry... if somebody has already asked that. I didn't go back and read through the whole thing.)
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    I couldn't believe it when I first saw the announcement today , I knew he had been struggling, but I was unaware of how bad he was getting.

    I just checked, and as I suspected, he was the first to reply to my first thread when I joined back in the LNO days... He helped me and so many others countless times, and his legacy will be remembered.

    Best wishes to him and his family, he did so much to help others. I will remember him throughout my life as one who helped me get started in the very beginning with Linux, which so far is likely leading me to a career in the CS field. I never had the pleasure of meeting him personally, like many others here, yet I am able to tell through his actions what a fantasic person he must have been.

    Farewell Grand Master, Mike Watts.

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