How to shutdown hdd without shutting the whole system?

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Thread: How to shutdown hdd without shutting the whole system?

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    How to shutdown hdd without shutting the whole system?

    I have a wierd problem with one of the machines at work. Every couple of weeks one of the harddisks on this system dies. It says that its mounted but when I do a ls I get an empty directory list. Unmounting and remounting doesn't help, the only way to fix it is to powerdown the system for a min and then start it back up.

    The problem is that this machine is in a remote office and it takes me about 20-30 mins to drive there to reboot it. On weekdays its not a problem 'cause someone is already there but its a pain during the weekends. I know that its a hardware problem and I am in the process of getting a new machine to replace this one but till I get a new machine I need to keep this system running.

    My question is: "Is it possible to power off just the hdd using some command and then switch it back on (Something like the sleep mode on laptops) after a few mins when it dies?"

    The system is running Slackware 10 with the latest kernel.

    Thanks for the help.

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    try using hdparm, but the tool is dangerous so use it with caution,

    probably, you need to use the -S option. see "man hdparm"

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