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    samba and active directory

    Hello All,
    Can someone lead me in the correct direction here. I am in a school project, we are constructing a Windows and Linux environment. Now, there are users that are in the Windows Active Directory, and these same users with paswords, samba accts etc, are also in Linux. My question is, what is needed with Active directory or Samba, to allow the AD users to be authencated when trying to get to the Samba server?? We have no problem if the user account in windows is just set up in the user accounts from control panel.
    Thanks very much.

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    go to: and read up on the docs for how to configure and use samba.

    Also, try the ever so popular G4L for linux...

    It's already out there and easily accessible for you.

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    If you look in the Networking forum of the JL Library at this address:

    you'll see 3 articles I wrote on using Samba with Windows domains, including Active Directory.

    These articles should provide you the information you need.
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    Thank You all, I appreciate the feedbacb.

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    It is pretty easy, I just setup a linux file server for my Active Directory network using Suse 9.1.

    All that is needed is to configure krb5.conf for kerberos authentication, configure nsswitch.conf to use winbind, join the linux box to the active directory domain, and configure smb.conf accordingly.

    If you require any of your users to log into the linux box directly (via KDE, telnet, ssh, etc.) you will need to also configure the appropriate files in /etc/pam.d

    Good luck.

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