Samba/PDC access denied as user other than root

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Thread: Samba/PDC access denied as user other than root

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    Samba/PDC access denied as user other than root

    I followed the instructions for turning samba into a pdc server and I have gotten as far as joining the domain as root. I then try to login into the domain and get an access denied. (unable to authenticate) according to /var/log/messages/. I have added this user (as I did for root) with smbadduser.

    This user name is jasons and is a current user on the server, all I did was smbadduser that same name and set the password the same as it is on the linux user. I think I am close but I have this last hurdle to jump.
    OS: Suse 9.1 Pro
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    Storage: 2x 40mb IDE 1x80mb SATA
    Drives: HP dvd100i (dvd+RW/cdr/cdrw-writer)
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    I think you should be using the smbpasswd command to add your Samba users. I think the command is:

    smbpasswd -a "username"

    then enter the password for the account.


    man smbpasswd

    to see the manual page for the smbpasswd command.

    Don't forget also to be sure that whatever user you create must have permissions to the Samba shares and the Linux files and directories you are sharing for that user to access them.
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