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  • Dam Small Linux

    20 11.76%
  • Debian

    42 24.71%
  • Feather Linux

    3 1.76%
  • Gentoo

    13 7.65%
  • Puppy Linux

    9 5.29%
  • Slackware

    38 22.35%
  • SuSE

    9 5.29%
  • Vector

    10 5.88%
  • Yoper

    0 0%
  • Other

    26 15.29%
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Thread: The [Main] What Distro should YOU use?

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    Originally posted by adwilson
    I'm just trying to get a feel for other peoples experiences with various distro's. Plus I really want a sleek mean machine, but Ican't afford one, so I'm looking for ways to get the best I can out of what I've got.

    You're right Distro's in themselves can all be tailoured and probably come out with performances which are about on par, but I'm on a dail up connection and am looking for a good starting point.

    I have a creative Labs Savage 4 (32MB) Graphics card, which does mpeg decoding in windoze... it might do it in Linux too, but I haven't found out much about it... I'll have a look around on google about that. Cheers.
    Yeah, I don't think you'll find much if you look for "creative labs savage 4" but I think it uses the same chipset as the S3 Savage card, so you might look into that. You might wanna give mplayer (command-line multimedia player, has gui too).

    Good luck

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    "The [Main] What Distro should YOU use?"

    Well Suse uses YOU for online updates Hee Hee :-)
    YOU = Yast Online Update

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    I personally like Feather because of ease of use.
    It is however based on KNoppix which is based on Debian, so, in turn, makes Debian the best Linux Distro.

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    w00t another chance for war;)

    Q: What apps do you use most?
    A: Firefox,Thunderbird,Amarok,Azureus,,G aim,Kaffeine,OpenGL games native or w/ Cedega

    Q: Do you have a broadband connection?
    A: yep

    Q: How familiar are you with computers?
    A: Very

    Q: How familiar are you with Linux?
    A: Very (since Slackware appeared into my life )

    Q: How much time are you willing to invest into learning Linux?
    A: A lot.

    Q: How powerful is your computer?
    A: look in the sig

    PS. KDE 3.4, Kernel 2.6.12-rc2-love1,genetic CPU/IO sched,Nvidia 1.0-7174
    Slackware-current / GCC 3.4.6 / 2.6.16-beyond4.1 / FVWM Crystal / Opera 9 / ATi 8.25.18 / Gigabyte Radeon 9600Pro (fanless) OC@475/500

    Registered Linux User #362865
    Trusted Computing?

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    Redmond, WA - Home of the evil empire
    What apps:

    Thunderbird, Firefox, Gaim, Quake3, Doom3,, Azureus.

    Yep. Comcast cable (lame but super fast)

    How familiar with computers:
    Quite. Been dabbling since I was about 10.

    How familiar with Linux:
    Far from a guru, but definitely not a complete n00b.
    (Gentoo solved me of alot of my n00b problems. )

    How much time invested:
    Tons. I love to learn about it. It almost is disappointing when a distro works out of the box (like Ubuntu). Not that it's a BAD thing, but when things don't work perfectly, it gives me a chance to learn something new.

    Athlon (Barton) 1.8 Ghz OC'ed to 2.2, 400 Mhz FSB, 512 x 2 PC2700 RAM, 80 gig 7200 RPM 8 MB cache + 40 gig 7200 RPM 2mb cache (both ATA 100), Radeon 9800 non-pro. Dual booting with Win2K Pro and Ubuntu currently.

    Nothing too terribly special, but it gets around and I can play games on it. Suprisingly resilient machine it is. My computer is my baby.
    Optimum est pati quod emendare non possiss.

    Athlon XP 1.8 OC'd to 2.2 with 400 Mhz FSB
    1 Gig DDR
    128 Meg Radeon 9800 non-pro
    80 Gig HDD
    CDRW/CD-ROM/DVD-ROM combo drive

    Ubuntu Hoary
    Gentoo stage 1

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    I've played with a few distributions in my days. Here's what I use at home at present:
    Main desktop: Athlon 1800+, 512/GeforceMX/blah blah
    Archlinux current. Arch has been my favorite for a long time. It houses my favorite parts of just about all OS's I've used. It's packages are simple and it's package manager is powerful! Not powerful in a "memorize these 800 options" way but powerful in a "use the pipe my son" way . And when you want to build in a new option, here comes ABS. one quick tweak and a rebuild and you've got a PACKAGE to install!

    Laptop: Celeron 700 192/etc.
    RHEL4 WS. I like RHEL for one reason: It's up to date where it counts and now where I don't care. It doesn't bug you with repetitive Gnome updates. It just does security updates and then leaves you alone. It's wonderful to just keep the old bugs sometimes and avoid all the new ones you aren't yet used to!

    Desktop 2: PII 400 256/some-kinda-3d-or-other
    FreeBSD 5.x. I like freebsd for a few reasons: It seems to be quite friendly with badly written apps (this also makes it a bad platform to code on at times). It seems to deal with memory errors magically? Or maybe it's just not good at policing them? Ports is ok, it's not amazing.

    Server: PII 350 256/etc.
    Archlinux. I'm not sure why, I think it was just handly at the time, and I only have like 400MB of OS disk space on the machine.

    Router: Cyrix MII 224MHz 128EDO!
    Coyote Linux. Because putting a spinning disk in a router is stupid.

    At work I get to deal with some other interesting things:
    Lots of RedHat this and that, very little have I managed to update yet :/. Lots of RH 8.0 and RH9, and even a RH 7.2 (no lsof!!!).
    There's of course a fbsd machine, because we were sick of paying to have Digital Unix on it.
    And a couple machines with Digital Unix 4.0.

    I've also at some point used:
    Fedora (Core 1, bleh: Core 2, good: Core 3, crap).
    Mandrake (9.x, crap: 10.x, nice)
    Suse (Yast is pathetic)
    Debian (Liked it, really a nice system to use.)
    NetBSD (we didn't talk much)

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    Re: Re: Which is right for me?

    Originally posted by retsaw
    I think Mandrake will probably be fine for you. You can mix installing from source and installing rpms as long as don't try to install a package from source that you already have installed by rpm or vice-versa. You may want to look into using checkinstall to build rpms for you, so you can have the packages you built yourself installed by rpm.
    XandrOS has support for both RPM and DEB(Debian) packages. If you want to go with something other than Mandriva than try that. It's very easy to use and has a great support and community.
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    Re: Best distro for low end laptop?

    Originally posted by moo113
    I have an old PII 266Mhz laptop with 128MB RAM and a 4GB hard drive.

    What would you recommend I run on it for the best effeciency? I would prefer a Debian or Red Hat offspring but all suggestions are welcome.
    Gentoo would run nicely on that machine.
    If you want soething really fast try something like DSL, Feather, Vextorlinux or BeatriX.
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    Re: Which Distro for a Dell Power Edge 2600 Server?

    Originally posted by s0ldier93
    Hello all-

    Long story short (details later if wanted/needed): I work for a contracting company that recently recived a Dell Power Edge 2600. It was recieved with no operating system installed. Furthermore, it is very likely that none will be purchased.

    When asked to see what if it works, I poped in my Ubuntu live CD (which I happened to have with me) and it came up nicely. So far this machine has only been used to display screen savers. . . . .that's just not right.

    My question is this: Which Linux distro should I install on this machine? What distro will best use all of it's hardware features? (6 raided SCSI hard drives, Dual AMD 2.4Ghz)

    Thank you.
    Gentoo would be nice on that machine.
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    Re: Distro For a Friend

    Originally posted by Girvo
    I was just wondering what would be a good version of linux for a friend, that would include aMSN and mabey OpenOffice? And hopefully not to big (although, i am on a 8mb/s connection)

    XandrOS contains OpenOffice and a messenger that has support for MSN, Yahoo, ICQ among others. It also comes with a 30-day trial of CrossOver office that you can use windows programs with.
    Hope that helps.
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    Re: Slick Distro, for Low resource PC.

    Originally posted by adwilson
    Can anyone sugest a good distro for a low spec PC?

    The spec is:
    • AMD K6 400MHz
    • 256 MB Ram
    • 5 Gb HD

    My own criteria in order of most desired:
    [list=1][*]A Responsive System (no problems using Xface, IceWM etc)[*]Can install new junk/software.[*]Will leave me with enough power to play DVD's, MP3's etc and browse the web at the same time! (my favourite passtime)[/list=1]
    Any suggests are most welcome, I'm currently running Debian (Sarge), which is ok, it runs and does just about all I want, but I think there are slicker options available. (also got puppylinux, which is fast I have to say, but I can't get connected to the internet on it )

    Feel free to sugest ones I haven't mentioned in the poll.
    definetly Gentoo.
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    Nashville, TN
    I've used Mandrake10 for about 8months. I know my way around a shell. My computer has

    An 800Mhz AThlon processor
    512MB of RAM
    A 64mb Radeon 7000 Vid card
    9gb of RAM

    I'm interested in dual-booting Linux and Windows2k. I intend to invest my whole summer into learning. When I had Mandrake a few months back, I mostly used these apps:

    The GIMP

    Which distro is right for me?

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    Lightbulb I need YOUR recommendationS...

    Hi, I am new to linux/unix-like environments... I would like to have your recommendations on which distro I should use on the following spec.,

    NEC-Branded Japanese Ver. Laptop
    1. Pentium III - Mobile 933 MHz [512KB Cache]
    2. 512MB PC133 RAM
    3. 40GB [Toshiba 1.8" miniHDD, 4200rpm/2MB cached]
    4. 16/32MB VRAM [Shared with Main Memory]
    OnBoard Video Card - Cyber ALADDiN-T(TM) made by Trident/ALi [ I know this s**ks... ]
    5. 12.1" TFT XGA 1024x768 Screen
    6. Japanese Layout Keyboard [with Touchpad]
    7. Built-in LAN [RJ45 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T]
    8. Built-in Modem [RJ11 FAX Modem]
    9. USB2.0 x 3
    10. IEEE1394 [4pin] x 1
    11. PC card slot x 1
    12. CF card slot x 1
    13. Built-in Sound Card
    14. Wireless LAN Card 802.11a / b [Dual, forgot the manufacturer...]

    Have been staying with Windows for 10 years... tired for keeping upgrade the Windows Ver. as well as the Hardwares... damn costing... I hope to use Linux/Unix-like environment ONLY in the future, NOT dual-booting because such spec. in WinXP SP2 runs too slow... Therefore, I am looking for a distro that can run fast and smoothly under the spec. above.

    I will use it for mainly Internet Surfing, Mailing, DVD/CD-Burning (with external drive), Watching Movie, Listening Music. But, due to it is Japanese Ver. Laptop, I am worrying about the hardware compability. Or if I missed out some important hardwares above, please kindly let me know. m(_ _)m [Japanese like to use this BOW sign for begging...]

    By the way, I will need an environment that allows me to multi-linguistic input, e.g. Japanese, Chinese and English. Thanks ^.^|||

    I am thinking to step in Linux/Unix-like environments but at this stage, I am really confused with too many selections. I am considering FreeBSD because I heard that it is totally FREE of charge but any other suggestion? By the way, I decided to step in Linux/Unix-like environments also due to the DAMN COOL interface, just very personal characteristic expression!!! ^___^

    Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! ["Please" in Japanese.]
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    Ive done Mandrake
    Slackware . . .

    But Im getting older and have less and less time on my hands so Im on Ubuntu right now.

    It is Debian and has all the bells and whistles and has almost unlimited financial backing by its developers.

    I think it is the most well rounded laptop/desktop distro out there.

    Debian on the servers though.

    $whatis microsoft
    microsoft: nothing appropriate

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    use Mandrake 10.1, it does the job for me. Used slackware, mepis, libranet, redhat but for some reason always come back to mandriva (mandrake).

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