On-line diary solution???

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Thread: On-line diary solution???

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    On-line diary solution???

    Hi I was wondering if I could get some brainstorming ideas from the good people here.

    I am, going to out of the kindness of my heart help a friends business out and provide to him an online diary for his workers, so they can see where everyone is at whatever time.

    Thing is I've never done anything like this before, but have messed around with apache server and have enough knowledge to serve a web page from my linux x-box.

    Does anyone know any free open source solutions that I can serve and configure??, I dont have any web development experience and dont want to get into writing a webpage, I just want to serve an existing solution.

    links would be greatly appreciated.

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    Blog software.

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    at my job we just used a whiteboard....

    But it probably wouldn't be too hard to just write something up in php to do it. or just use a wiki?
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