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Thread: mac hard drive question

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    mac hard drive question

    hey all,

    I am looking at buying a used 500mhz ibook that currently has a 10 gb hard drive. I want to upgrade the hard drive to either 60 or 80 gb. Do you have to use a apple hard, like one that come out of a other apple laptop? or can I go buy a just a regular(ie non mac) 60 or 80gb 2.5" hard drive from a store or online and install it and have the ibook format it for me?


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    You should be able to use a regular hard drive. Apple is propietary - but not to the point where they limit what hard drives go in their machines....
    good luck.
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    I've heard of fun times trying to take apart the newer ibooks... I don't know how easy the clamshell ones are (that's the one i think you have...).

    Before you go at it, download a manual to take them apart from the internet, it'll help you from destroying the machine. and also, there might be height / depth restrictions. #justlinux The Not So Official JL IRC Channel.
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    make sure you you don't have any screws left when you put it back together :P

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    Pass on the G3 500

    The G3 ibooks had a logic board recall on them so many are lemons. Also the hard drive is in for the duration. You need to break apart tape and seals on these to get at them. (1.5 hour job for a pro tech so they are never meant to be upgraded.)
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    no, thats the ver. after the clamshell, the square white one. I have both, a clamshell and a ibook g4 (basically same case though as the one we're talking about) and yes all of the ibooks to replace the hdd require you to take most of it apart-take a look here at the instructions (used them to fix my clamshell)
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