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    Question telnet query


    how you do in guyzz,might my this question seem to b the stupid 1.since im new and doing my practice and this is the good place to get help and share your ideas.i setup two seprate network,1st network running windows 2003 server and 2nd is redhat 9.0.senerio is,

    i telnet to my linux server frm my windows,bare in mind i've not configure ftp nor samba on linux telnet is on.same in windows no ftp is can i transfer some files frm my windows server to my linux machine,and also get some files frm linux to my windows machine.your kind help would be helpfull for me.


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    Look at setting up SSH on the Red Hat box and getting something like Cygwin or PuTTY for the Windows box and use the 'scp' command to copy stuff back and forth.
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    SCP - Secure transfer


    In the interests of file transfer, SSH includes scp/sftp (an alternative to ftp)

    WinSCP - This program provides a good gui from a windows box to connect to servers and use the scp file transfer option.

    On your Redhat box check out if there's an ssh folder in /etc or type
    service sshd --status

    This should tell you whether it's installed or not, if not then there are definately rpms for it and it is much much much better than ftp or telnet so I would recommend you install it and disable telnet/ftp.

    Hope this helps,
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