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    Help a Windows Junky

    Aight I admit it, I'm a windows junkie and have jumped back and forth over the years. Anyway I just installed Mandriva 06 and the install came with KDE 3.2 installed. What's the best way to upgrade KDE to 3.5? Do I need to sift through the page of requirements and make sure every library is up to date before the install or is there an easier way? Sorry for the n00bish question but reading the KDE site made me even more confused.

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    Mandriva is rpm based so either using urpmi or apt-rpm would be the programs to use.

    From distrowatch, urpmi may have been installed already, though that's info about 10.1 or whatever version mandriva is currently at.

    Please don't ask me how to use it, because I haven't used it personally.

    Though, a quick google search turned up this site:


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    Also try here:

    EasyURPMI most likely won't have KDE 3.5 because most of those are just security updates and extra contributed packages, not upgrades to existing ones. This Seer of Souls website has instructions for upgrading to KDE 3.5 as well as a package repository to use with KDE 3.5. It sound like you'll still want the repositories from EasyURPMI too though.

    Edit: And just FYI, my Mandriva 2006 comes with 3.4.2.
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    please repost (if needed) this with a subject that specifically relates to the question you are asking.

    the posting guidelines are in my signature as well as linked in sticky threads at the top of each forum.

    thank you.


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