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    i want to buy a second hand computer
    i dont have too much money
    problem is i want to know intervals in wich cpu handles movies fluently
    also ram needed for this
    and video card
    also for other tasks like:
    -open office running smooth
    -firefox running smooth
    -kde -//-
    i'm stupid

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    kde, openoffice, movies

    as much memory as you can afford and atleast 1ghz cpu, but as high as you can afford

    nvidia chipset video card, anything else is negligable

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    1.3 GHz athlon, 512 MB RAM, 128 MB nvidia card.
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    open office runs smoothly?

    I did not know.

    2.0 has been good to me

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    I think Pentium3 with at least 256mb ram will run smooth. I have a notebook wich runs Pentium3 550mhz 384mb ram and handles all tasks mentioned above very well.

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    My recommendations:
    600MHz-1.5GHz CPU
    256-512MB RAM
    Video card of your choice.

    I have a 950MHz duron overclocked to 1GHz with 640MB RAM with Radeon 9800pro.

    It plays DVDs just fine. DivX movies get CPU usage to around 30-40% and XviD bit over that topping at 60%. Some c.264 encoded HDTV movies fail to run without skipping frames (cpu usage 100%). Otherwise performance is really just as smooth as my Athlon 3000+ 1GB RAM which is running windoze. Only CPU heavy tasks show the difference. Video and audio encoding take more time as well as does compiling software. I use this linux box for my everyday web surfing, watching movies and occasional gaming.

    If you don't plan to watch HDTV media tightly compressed then anything over 600MHz should serve you fine. 256MB memory should be ok if you use light WM like fluxbox. If you can get RAM cheaply you might want to invest to get 512MB.

    Any vid card should do fine. I have my 9800pro so i can play even fairly new 3D games with good fps, but you don't need 3d acceleration for watching videos. They run just fine and smooth with xv so i see no reason for using opengl.

    You might consider using Abiword instead of openoffice if load time ticks you off. For me its something like 5-10 seconds, but i have prelinking set on. So it could be worse. When openoffice runs it will run smoothly, just the launch takes some time.

    My friend had also an old 600MHz Duron/256MB/GF2 running debian and fluxbox which had no problems playing DVDs or DivX/XviD movies. He lately even switched over to Ubuntu. Tho i think gnome might be too slow with that amount of RAM.
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    Bear in mind that NVidia cards are prefered in linux as getting the ATi drivers can be extremely frustrating and difficult, and the NVidia cards just do better. the drivers are built better.

    and i just like nvidia
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