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Thread: Upgrading Mandrake

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    Upgrading Mandrake

    how would i go about upgrading most of my packages under mandrake 10 official ?
    well...the packages that are used by most programs...wich i cant enumerate here...
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    Well, the crappy thing about rpm distros is that there's no easy way. In your case, I'd recommend a reinstall using a modern distro. Perhaps a non-rpm distro...
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    It's difficult to upgrade a running RPM-based distro. Your best bet is to grab the latest Mandriva CDs, reboot, and use those to upgrade the system rather than trying to use rpm or urpmi on a live system.
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    It would have been better to use a title like "Mandrake: how to upgrade packages" or something like that rather that just "upgrading" for your thread. The title you used is really not helpful to people who are looking through the forums for threads to help-out on.

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