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    Begging your forgiveness...

    in advance

    Been meaining to get into Linux for years now. I have Mr Linux Box No1 up and running on Ubuntu and have even got over the annoyance of having to /sudo everything for root. MY Difficulty is I have a couple of specific things I am looking for solutions for and I can't seem to find help.

    Would you mind if I linked a couple of questions I had in other forums here and see if I could maybe get a couple of links to help me out? One question is regarding OpenGL/Quake4 and the second one to do with VPN implementation (or extreme lack of GUI/config for same) in linux. I have been reading every howto I can and googling myself until my fingers are near bleeding (this is worse than guitar).

    Here are the 2 links:

    For the reply to this, maybe people could just post links for me to look at? I am really looking for sources of help

    I've been reading through so so many howto's and I think the biggest barrier is structure of linux, especially directory structure. Like, for example, why is the network ppp stuff stored in etc? WTF is there a dir called etc for and why should it have important and not "etc" type info in it?

    Thanks for any help you can provide, and I apologise for the nature of the post as I know it's going to annoy some folks - but I just can't find answers at present


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    Could you please copy/paste your thread into a new one, that follows our Posting Guidelines, after you have read them? The Posting Guidelines are in sticky threads at the top of each forum. More specifically, the subject of your thread has nothing to do with the question you are asking.

    I also suggest that you also reconsider the forum you are using --- this tye of a post belongs more in /dev/random.

    Thank you.

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