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Thread: YANT - Yet Another Newbie Thread.

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    YANT - Yet Another Newbie Thread.

    Hi All! I've been lurking around for a little while now absorbing what I could without being a burden to anyone, but i'm beginning to hit the proverbial brick wall.

    Synopsis: Long time Computer user. I've used Dos/Windows for years, and am very comfortable at the command line. I've little scripting experience, what I do have is mostly in PHP and C. I'm very motivated to leave Microsoft. As such i've taken the recomendation and made up a duel boot XP/Suse 10.0 system. I've played around in the Linux environment available to me, and have two "Live" CDs that i've yet to play with (ubuntu and Knoppix). I'm definatly the "Learn by Use" personallity.

    1). I need an informational "Bridge" between the dummy books and being able to use the man pages / help systems available here. The beginners' write-ups are getting too basic and generic. The man pages are still incomprehesable to me. Any Help?

    2). Whats the protocol for determining which /bin path a binary takes?

    3). I've got Suse on a 40g partition and another 20g partition formated to take another Linux version. If I copied a "Live" cd to the second partition and set grub to boot it, will I have much problems?

    4). I've tried to add an option to GRUB to let me boot from a CD without having to alter the Bios to boot from CD first. On cable its Secondary master, so that should set it as /dev/hdc0 correct? (yes this box has two other drives in it) So in the boot of GRUB I should have "(hdc) /dev/hdc0" and on the boot list it should have the line saying: "chainloader (hdc,0)+1"? It never even tries to access the CD, though.

    5). Kiss the Devs of GIMP for me. <3 Gimp.

    6). In getting this box to talk to my home Lan should I be reading more in the SAMBA client or Server documentation/help? I ask because it seems that the client doesnt support hardly anything (DHCP servers, IP control, etc) while it appears that the server portion wants to take over for my router by assigning addresses and such?

    7). As a Gamer i've got to have my Warcraft and Civ IV fixes regularly. I've played with WINE (running it from both the command line and from within the GUI), but when it does do something it is usually just to laugh at me. Warcraft is a 50/50, half the time it doesnt do anything, the other half it'll boot the game but wont draw anything but the UI (screen just shows far backdrop sky and then the UI). Any Ideas? I've poured over the WINE sections and found something called a .diff that I cant even find any information on. I'm interested enough in LINUX to pay for the Cedega, but I'm unsure of a) paying for something where there is a free version available on my machine already, and b) I've no knowledge of Cedega's history. (i.e. reputation, time it takes to update thier software compensate for game patches, etc). Are they reliable, trustworth and timely?

    8). If I'm going to continue to use Linux, i've got to have my games. So far i've been using all of them from my games partitions (win formated). Would Installing them fresh onto the linux partitions help or just be a waste of time?

    Thank you for reading, and helping. And thanks for keeping a site with such a good attitude towards helping beginners!


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    Please check out our posting guidelines. There is a limit of one question per thread - as well as an enforcement of proper subjects for threads. This makes it easier to search/find information later on for people who are browsing/searching our site.

    Please split your thread into multiple posts and write each with one_ question with a subject that relates to the question being asked (i.e. don't put "newbie _________" as your thread subjects. (You can copy/paste directly from this thread if you want to avoid retyping)

    The posting guidelines are at the top of each of our forums as well as in the signatures of most of the moderators.

    Thank you.

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