I have been reading some posts on multi-booting etc. And must humbly admit that as a linux newbie, there is still some language being used that sounds foriegn to me.

I have a 120g SATA hard drive in my P4 system, 1 gig memory. I have put Mandrake 10.1 on the first 40g partition as 'Primary'. The balance of that drive is 3 evenly split partitions as logical in an extended partition.

I am adding a second 120g SATA as a slave and want to partition it with a number of partitions to install and test drive as many linux distro's as I can.

The question(s)...

Can all the new partitions on the new hdd be logical partitions or should the first be primary? Is there certain linux distro's that insist on being installed on a primary partition? I should note that when I installed Mandrake, I made a 97mb /boot partition at the very begining of the hdd and installed grub to that partition.

On any linux install I've done so far the installer asks me if I want grub installed in the MBR or in /root? If I'm going to multi boot a bunch of linux distro's, will they all boot from the MBR in the master hdd if I choose to install grub in the MBR on each installation?

I have read Saikee's "How To" on chain loading and I'm afraid I might be missing something. Will His article be pertinant to what I'm attempting to do?

Alot of questions, I know but I have a hunch the answer is under my nose if someone would be kind enough to point me to it.