Sound, Dell C400, Advanced Port Replicator & Ubuntu...

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Thread: Sound, Dell C400, Advanced Port Replicator & Ubuntu...

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    Sound, Dell C400, Advanced Port Replicator & Ubuntu...

    So, I just finally installed Ubuntu on my C400 Dell laptop, and I have come accross a particular issue. Hopefully someone with my model laptop, or a DELL with an APR can help me with this issue...

    When I try to play music, actually, any and all sounds while docked are played through the laptop speaker rather than piping it through the APR and out the jack.

    Anyone know why? I've looked and looked, but no luck.

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    Out of the box, audio was working fine when a headphone was connected either to the headphone jack on the computer or the one on the Advanced Port Replicator. However, the internal speaker was silent. It turns out the fix was to open Volume Control, and in Preferences enable the External Amplifier. After doing so, all worked fine.

    is what I found.
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    Maybe it's just my luck, or my APR, but the "External Amplifier" is checked on. Is there a way I can debug it?

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    APR-- is it an actual Dell APR, or is it a USB one?
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    Yeah, it's an actual Dell APR.

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