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    email servers etc.

    You know....

    Someone needs to come up with a new, better, standard for sending emails. Something that includes some kind of checks and balances to verify that the sending email address actually belongs to the user sending the email.

    Some JERK is using one of my email addresses as the return email on massive amounts of span s/he is sending out, and I am having to deal with all of the Send Failure message. I simply can not stress how annoying this is getting..


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    Have you seen this?
    SMTP-AUTH Not a good solution, but could it help a little? Are they doing a relay?
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    Ill assume you are using only Linux/*nix/OSX machines, if not are you sure you arent the spammer?

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    Good point, soule

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulestream
    Ill assume you are using only Linux/*nix/OSX machines, if not are you sure you arent the spammer?
    Incidentally, I had the same thing happen with a Yahoo! Address that I was using for a period of time. And the spammer was hitting it hard-- every day, I got over 50 Undeliverable: emails in my inbox.

    Usually when someone is forging the From: field in an email, you genuinely aren't the spambot. But, there's still that possibility that you are a spambot, but conversely, the machine's sending out emails using someone else's address as a From: address.

    Speaking of Yahoo!, has anyone seen spam coming from the domain in Yahoo! Mail, but it still says, "This email has been verified by Yahoo DomainKeys" ? Ain't that a kick in the teeth?
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    Nobody's filtering Yahoo! Mail on the outbound side, apparently, and someone's figured out how to use their mail sending engine automatically. Either that, or the From: header is before the DomainKey-Signature: header; DomainKeys only verifies all the data after the DomainKey-Signature: header.

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