Hi all, my first post here...

I'm trying to compile the usb-serial module, but getting lots of errors. Specifically, I'm running 2.6.13-15-default on Suse 10, and downloaded the source code for 2.6.13 from www.kernel.org. Files/dir-tree was extracted to /usr/src/. From there, if I compile the usb-serial.c module without changing anything, I get a long list of errors that starts by telling me there are missing header files such as autoconf.h and linkage.h, so I guess these are responsible for many of the other errors. I've searched the filesystem, and these files do not exist. Is there something else I need to get other than the kernel source files? Or any other clues that could indicate what else is wrong?

BTW, I am trying to do this, and following the compilation instructions here .