I got the router a few months back and my community WIFI is up and running, but it keeps disappearing off the FON maps. New start-up having problems. Good for North America and Europe only, sorry you guys who are on the other side of the world.
Router is steady.
"In the future, you will be able to register with any of these three profiles, and your decision will depend on your own personal needs. But, for the present, let us remind you that FON is in an experimental Beta phase and is only available for Linus. A Linus is any user who shares his/her WiFi in exchange for free access throughout the Community wherever there is coverage. A Bill is a user who, instead of roaming for free, prefers to receive 50% of the fees that FON charges to Aliens. And Aliens are those users who do not share their WiFi access and therefore must pay FON a modest fee every time they connect through a Fonero access point."

I'm a Linus.