intel duo vs. amd turion?

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Thread: intel duo vs. amd turion?

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    intel duo vs. amd turion?

    Hey all,
    man, it been I awhile since I last posted but anyway...

    I am looking into buying a laptop and have a question about the different processors offered and I am looking for people who own these two processors and can offer advice.

    the two laptop processors I have been looking at are: the intel duo and the amd turion.

    Does anyone have advice towards the two processors? the pro and cons of either processors? I am planning to use this laptop for word proccessing, gaming, and art and video editing.

    thanks for any input,
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    Are you thinking about a Turion X2 (i.e. dual core)? If so, chances are the Turion's better. Actually I don't know a lot about Intel's duo, but AMD's products are king for the moment. I read some stuff about how Intel's dual core design wasn't very good, but I'm not sure if it's true.
    For gaming, AMD is superior. Well it's actually superior for most stuff. But again, I don't know how well this applies to Intel core duo. I don't believe it to be a great product though.

    Here's an advice which might be more useful: do you need your laptop quickly? Now might be a pretty bad time to buy one if you're not in a hurry. Intel's Conroe should be released not too far from now, and they would have very low prices, based on some "leaked" information. Even if they aren't as low as thought, AMD will probably have to drop its prices to match them. I could go on about this for a while, but bottom line is I believe CPU prices will go down in a few months.
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    As a generalization, INtel processors do better at video processing, I think this is due to their instruction set and higher FSB, maybe the larger L2 cache as well.
    Temperature wise, the Intels may run a bit hotter, which could make some difference in a laptop sitting on your legs.
    A thread on Anandtech which answers your question it says the core duo should be better, UNLESS you want to run a 64 bit OS, then go with the Turion.
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    I have the older centrino chipset and in terms of battery life vs performance it a bit better than my mates notebook with a turion processor. However we are talking about 20 minutes difference over 4 hours while on battery.
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    AMD is crushing Intel in all of its benchmarks at the moment... but july (26th or so), Intel is releasing a new chipset, and their processors under the codename "conroe" are expected to blow AMD back out of the water. Big back and forth battle, but I would personally wait a month or two to buy anything new and see how things shake out. Thats what I am doing.

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    In my experience (as much as Im an AMD fanboy) Intel normally has a better batt. life then the equiv. AMD (this is w/ the top line chips ie. centrino or core (2) duo) but if amd could match the battery life I would love to go to a system running it
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