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    professional Qulaifications

    Hi admin/Forrest T./Neisan M.,

    I just saw the Professional product line in the Mothers website.

    I was wondering if the Professional Machine Glaze #82332, Professional Foam Pad Polish #83432, or the Professional Hand Glaze #84532 could be used with a PC7424.

    Also, does the Professional Hand Glaze #84532 function like a LSP ? ...or does it function like Step 2 of the UWS?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Syngin View Post
    Does any one have any faith in people with various certs but with no or little work experience?

    From the experience of having hired various people, I'll take people without certs but with work experience over people with certs but no or little real experience every time.
    Personally I think it really depends on the certification. For those types that require hands on like Red Hat are in my opinion more meaningful than those of multiple choice only.

    After spending 6 years as in classroom instructor (Air Force) I can say with certainty; taking my students to the lab for some hands on will definitely show who understood the material.

    In the end though, certs like a degree are no guarantee your getting a qualified person.
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