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Thread: undefined function (php)

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    undefined function (php)

    Hi guys.

    I'm creating a loginform, with an included DBconnector file that reads in it's parameters from an .ini file. I get the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: parse_ini_string() in /home/arioch/public_html/dbconnector.php on line 2

    I have "php4-mysql" installed so that ain't it.

    PHP Code:
    parse_ini_string('dbusers.ini') or die("Could not read config file");
    If (
    $_SESSION['user'] == 1) {
    $SQL $dbconnector = @mysql_connect($dbvalues['hostname'],$dbvalues['databaseroot'],$dbvalues['databaserootpassword']) OR die('<h3 class="warning">Failure: Failed connecting to the database. Verify that the parameters you gave are correct, and that the database is running and accessible.</h3>');
    else {
    $SQL $dbconnector = @mysql_connect($dbvalues['hostname'],$dbvalues['customer'],$dbvalues['customerpassword']) OR die('<h3 class="warning">Failure: Failed connecting to the database. Verify that the parameters you gave are correct, and that the database is running and accessible.</h3>');
    $dbselector = @mysql_select_db($dbvalues['databasename']) OR die('<h3 class="warning">Failure: Failed selecting your database. Verify that the parameter you gave is correct, and that the database is running and accessible.</h3>');
    What am I missing?
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    I think what you might be looking for is "parse_ini_file()"? "parse_ini_string" doesn't seem to appear in any of the PHP documentation.

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    is that a function i would check php.net to find out... i have never see that before. what is your script trying to do?? you run mysql i can see that.... to connect to mysql use php function

    mysql_connect read the php manual about it
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