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Thread: Remembering mdwatts

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    Remembering mdwatts

    Today is the anniversary of Mike's birth.
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    It's sad that he is no longer with us... I remember when I first came to this forum in 2002, my first post was asking help about not being able to boot properly despite having checked all the hardware, BIOS, and config files. Long story short, the released software version of the time + the BIOS on my mobo at the time required me to turn on the floppy drive in the BIOS even without having one connected in order to allow reading of my hard drives. MDWatts was the one to keep responding and help me with my problem, which left a very good first impression of the website - been a regular ever since...
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    mdwatts was the first to answer my questions too. never made me feel stupid even when i was asking stupid newb questions. i was sad and still am of his passing. rest in peace mdwatts!
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    I didn't come into contact much with him as he passed away two months I joined JustLinux.

    He was a giant here with over 40,000 posts to his credit. I clocked up 1200 posts in 3 years. At this rate I have to spend the next 97 years here just to equal his effort.
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    He was a strong point on this site and in the community as well.
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    There aren't many days that go by when I don't think about this mans kindness and drive to help others, even if he didn't know the answer he knew where to point you.

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