Hi - been a couple years since I stopped by....

Anyway. Kinda my first contribution back to the open source world I suppose.


It is a flat file web site system I whipped up for my clients. Before anyone goes on a rant about re-inventing the wheel, let me explain the following: I felt like doing it, I did not like how everyhting else worked, so I did what the sneers of the programming world always tell everyone to do and DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Anyways, it is a simple system that requires nearly NO setup. Just upload the files to a php enabled web server, chmod everything to be writable by the web server proccess, and log in with the default password of 'password'.

Some of the features include:
->Template system (really simple to use!)
->SUPER SIMPLE GUI interface
->flat file data storage (a file system IS a basic DB in concept - so use it)
->Easily adapted and customized.

I do not intend this for large slash-dot sites, just for simple 'get it up' basic sites.

Surely, there are a handfull number of bugs. If you find one, email me deanrantala@gmail.com - please keep in mind this is a side project for now so I can not tend to these issues on a time critical basis.

If you would like to help do some templates, let me know as well. I would like to slowly put this together into a nice project, but lots still needs to be set up and put in place.

Anyway, if you like - check it out. I am still working on some documentation (for devs and end-users). The goal of this project is simplicity - something your average email user can at least use.

If it works good for you, again - let me know what you think. It is my contribution to the open source world (although not much).