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    Question Fedora 7 cannot play sound

    I am using an Asus M6 laptop. Previously I install Ubuntu 6.10 and everything running well except I cannot input chinese characters even I start the installation all the way using chinese language. There is a SCIM program which is needed for input chinese character but not automatic loading when Ubuntu is started. Finally I change to Fedora 7 and this time chinese language is working but, this time no sound from my laptop. Is there a driver conflict or I should install new driver for laptop(sound card) and if yes how to install?

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    I am not a hardware or driver guy but it is possible that Fedora may have mismatched your sound card with the wrong driver or setting.

    In general there should be no conflict between drivers.

    I post here because you mentioned the need of using the Chinese character input. It is likely that Chinese language and possibly Chinese keyboard will be required too. Have you tried distros released by the Chinese community? I believe there are quite a few of them like AsianLinux, Red Flag, B2D etc. Most if not all of them seem to be based on Red Hat.

    Asus is a Chinese manufacturer and I would have thought the Chinese language support should be pretty complete if you use its laptop.
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    well what is your output from

    lspci ? you should have your audio card listed there. from there i can point you into what modules you need to load .

    lsmod command will show you the modules loaded . if you use your distro kernel the output could be alot because most distros have the kernel as modules . unless you build your own kernel. i would use

    lsmod | less command to make it more readable.

    once you pasted in your lspci i can then help you determine the chipset used by your audio card .
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    Thank you guys for your information. I will check again what type of sound card I have in my laptop and I will search where I can download those distros released by Chinese community.

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