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    Cable Internet Logon

    I just moved into a new apartment complex and their cable provider has every bedroom register with a username and password, and then it lets you login via a web page and start using the internet. The problem is everynight it logs you off at five in the morning which requires you to log back in. Is there anyway I can configure a router (this would be the best way) or a script in order to log me back on when it logs me off?
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    I don't know about configuring your router to do it, but I know Firefox and Konqueror can save your passwords. I know they have this feature because I always seem to find myself turning it off so the browser will stop annoying me.
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    Depends on how the login,e tc. is sent. You could maybe do it via a script, calling the URL with get codes in the URL (as opposed to post codes from a form). Or, grab their form and re-write it so it posts automatically w/ a little javascript.

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    Yeah I would definitely look at the login page source. You can probably get it to work in some javascript as ph34r suggested, or you could probably right a small Perl script that submits credentials for you (which you could run as a cron job to execute at 5:05am every morning or something like that).
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