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Angry apache server setup working locally but not from outside connections
Hi all

Many thanks in advance.

I'm running on Ubuntu and I've succesfully setup apache alongside with a working php & mysql configuration - other computers connected to the LAN can access it by typing in my ip:

however I would like my webserver to be accessible by all internet users...I've got my ports.conf file in the apache setup to listen on ports 80 and 8080 this is my ports.conf:
PHP Code:
Listen 80
Listen 8080
Listen 2000
<IfModule mod_ssl.c>
Listen 443
I went onto my lan setup at and successfully logged in and i tried portforwarding on ports 80 and 8080 to

It seems I've done everything correctly in terms of portforwarding, but when I go to my lans ip( it just comes up with the setup page that can be accessed at

I also tried but still no luck

Any help and suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thank you,