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Thread: March Screenshots Since no one else is

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    Been a while since I've put one up...mostly because it's mostly stock XFCE, but I like it so I just play with new wallpapers and such

    oh and can we try to avoid posting large images inline? Its a little annoying to have to scroll so much sideways
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    The laptop reloaded. Installed with the new Lenny release and upgraded to testing(squeeze).

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    Quote Originally Posted by nolimit974 View Post
    Just got an Iphone 3g and jailbroke it and love it so I had to have an iphone wallpaper.
    uh oh! you just mentioned you got an iphone! now i gotta spam you
    i've written a little app that's now on the app store. it's called LexLook! and it's free.

    please install it. i'd love to get feedback. oh and if you know of anyone else with an iphone, tell them too need to increase the number of downloads. thanks!


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