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    Exclamation Booting problems

    Good morning everyone ;-) (well... morning to me!)

    Here's the deal: I boot linux from a usb drive so I can carry my distro wherever I go -- I've been doing it for quite some time now and it's always worked wonderfully.

    Problem: This morning my little cousin unplugged the computer WHILE I was booting into linux. Power loss has happened before, but with no ill effects. This time however, it's decided it won't boot.

    The screen clears, and just as GRUB is about to load, it freezes and the computer reboots over and over.

    I booted to a LiveCD of Ubuntu to try and fsck the drive, but it won't mount the volume.

    I've worked with this install so long, and have customized it so much I **really** don't want to do a reinstall.. What can I do?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thank you in advance!


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    Working... but....

    Ok, so it just decided to work out of nowhere, so I'm up and running again.

    However, if at all possible I'd still like an answer just in case it happens again and 'decides' not to boot.

    Thanks again!

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    My suggestion would be to make a backup. If the file system gets corrupted it is the easiest solution to get back to a working system again.

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    Show us the output in root console the command of
    fdisk -l
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