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    GRUB installation problem

    Sorry if this is not in the right topic:

    I have a 4GB USB drive, and I want to know how to install BackTrack 3, Slax, and Ophcrack (not the module - bootable iso is what i want) on it all at the same time. So is there an easy to use Boot Manager (with image if possible) out there that I can put on the USB so when i boot from the USB, i can choose one of the OS's to load? Also, please do not include any burning of CD's/DVD's as I do not have a burner. Freeware too please. Thanks.

    NOTE: I tried WinGrub but i could not figure out how to boot multiple OS on excpet when I paritioned it but with partiions, I had to force install the boot record thing and when booting from the usb caused errors. I do not understand the hd(0,0) thing. Whenever I boot the USB i get this:

    Try hd(0,0) : No GRLDR

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    This thread shows how to put Grub in a pen drive. The Grub described here is Legacy Grub or Grub1.

    This thread shows how to put several Linux iso into a pen drive (originally written for a DVD but since extended).

    In a nutshell you first install Grub on its own onto a pen drive.

    You then copy the expanded iso into the pen drive.

    You then convert each distro's isolinux booting instructions into Grub commands. An iso is usually booted by a bootloader called isolinux (Grub is used but as as popular yet) with instruction very similar to Grub.
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