Problems with dual boot, grub2 auto os prober

Drive #1 (sda) Master CS Ubuntu 9.04 grub upgraded to grub2 version 1.96

Drive #2 (sdb) Slave CS Ubuntu 9.10 grub2 version 1.97 /boot is (sdb1) root is (sdb5) grub2 is installed in /boot (sdb1) and the mbr of (sdb)

Here is the problems
I want to be able to boot drive #2 from drive #1 grub menu at boot time. I have run “update-grub” and it probes and finds (sdb5) and creates a new grub.cfg called in the /boot folder, but the new cfg file does not show (sdb5) or (sdb) it shows all other changes that I made such as splash screens and they are working. How do I get it to recognize drive #2 with Ubuntu 9.10. I can boot each drive independently of one another and I can boot 9.04 with 9.10 if I swap the drives around. And run “update-grub” The auto probe is working in the Ubuntu 9.10 and may be working partly in the 9.04.

This may or may not be a problem, but is a pain anyway. When I run “update-grub” in 9.04's grub version 1.96, it does not change anything in the current “grub.cfg” it does make a new file called “” I have to go into /boot/grub and change “grub.cfg” to old and change “” to “grub.cfg” I do not have this problem running the same command in Ubuntu 9.10's grub. It finds changes and os's and automatically updates the current “grub.cfg”
any help or suggestions would be appreciated.