I'm faced with standing up an open source NMS and am deep into Zenoss Core. I'm evaluating distributed collectors that will be deployed behind a customer NAT/Firewall. Cool, this works. What if the customer IP space overlaps with an existing customer IP space? From a management perspective Zenoss distinguishes devices by IP. So it will refuse to add duplicate addresses. To get multi-realm IP functionality, It would require purchasing a subscription to enterprise license.

So my pickle, do I spend weeks or months hacking the Zenoss sub structure to duplicate that? Do I somehow remap the IPs through site to site VPN at the router? Or do I look for a different open source solution?

Does anyone know of an open source NMS solution that addresses overlapping IP space and can do distributed collectors? I have posted a question on Zabbix forums asking if the distributed monitoring they have will do this. But I hope that someone else has tackled this and succeeded.