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    network card drivers

    Hey everyone,

    I bought a Linksys WMP300N wireless card about a year ago and I had tried installing it on my Slackware 12 box using ndiswrapper with mixed results. It worked awesome but after 30 minutes or so KDE would lock up. I can still SSH to the box but CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE doesn't even work to end the X session. As soon as I remove the card from use - stop the driver from loading - KDE doesn't lock up anymore.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a place where I can find out if/when a native Linux driver will come out for this card. Not sure if this should be in hardware or networking. I have another box with Slackware 13 installed but I didn't bother trying the card on that box with the ndiswrapper.

    I found this post today but I'm not even sure if I have the same issue as he does. For one, my symptoms are entirely different. He has a freeze as soon as he loads the module. I get about 30-60 minutes of usage before it locks up.

    After doing some more research I found that my specific card isn't supported by the b43 driver used by ndiswrapper for this card. That might explain the lock ups. I'm going to try and load it anyway and see where the new version of ndiswrapper gets me. The article I read may be out-dated.
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    Looking at some older post's on the Linksys WMP300N it seems that alot of folks got it working under the NDISWRAPPER. I had to use the same proptcols under my Broadcom. Also take a look Here at that link.

    let me know how it turns out.
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    Have a look at this for some possible direction to your difficulty.
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