This is a bit of a round about tale, but my daughter runs the SUSE distro (thanks to her Godfather) and we recently moved house so her box needed a wifi card.

I should mention he gave her the box over a couple of years ago - so it's not the latest Suse (though she did apply updates I think).

Anyway, I grabbed a netgear card from my work - put it in a pci slot and since it seemed visible with lspci and suchlike was expecting to proceed without too much issue, but no. Despite numerous runs around with YAST and various config changes including removing WEP and running open I still haven't got it online.

Because of my work (here) it is possible for me to try some other old wifi cards... Or I could switch her over to a shiny new Lucid machine which I would expect to play with the netgear out of the box,.

Would anyone care to recommend a card that will run with SUSE of that vintage out of the (or rather straight into) the box? Or would you reckon my quickest way to get her online and avoid the Ndiswrapper dance is with Ubuntu Lucid?

I did ndiswrap once on Bucky but I've forgotten what I did and just want to get it fixed - I have a feeling having her on the same distro and release as me may be helpful in other ways too...