MPlayer mp4 problem fixed on Debian Lenny.

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Thread: MPlayer mp4 problem fixed on Debian Lenny.

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    MPlayer mp4 problem fixed on Debian Lenny.

    Using Debian Lenny 5 backport up-to-date. 2.6.30-bpo.1-amd64 .

    MPlayer would not play *.mp4 files satisfactorily. They paused every third of a second or so, then ran on, paused then ran on; both sound and vision. Sort of stuttered. This also happened with the browser mplayer plugin.

    Slightly elaborate fix:

    Uninstall mplayer, apt-get remove mplayer

    Then get hold of the latest mplayer: svn checkout svn:// mplayer

    Install libasound2-dev to give alsa.
    Then install # apt-get install libxv-dev.
    # apt-get install libvdpau-dev

    Then compile mplayer, this is for Debian, in the mplayer directory created by svn; subversion needs to have been installed:
    # DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="--enable-runtime-cpudetection" debian/rules

    No idea if --enable..... is a good idea - the thing is just a method of giving options to .configure, e.g. --prefix=/home/fergie

    Then install the *.deb file that has been created in the home directory usually.

    Err, that's it.
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