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    MACish looking desktop

    I want to setup a desktop that resembles the MAC look. I've seen many examples on this site of users that have done this. I just don't know what components are required.

    I have found some tutorials on the web that are a couple of years old. Before I try one of these I thought I'd ask here for some more up to date information.

    My nephews are coming but their dad's MAC isn't. I thought it would be nice to have something more familiar for them to use.

    I run Debian(testing) on both the desktop and laptop if that makes a difference. The laptop also boots Fedora, Ubuntu, and Slack.


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    Young People Using Computers

    Don't sweat it. Show them what you've got and let them have at it. If they screw them up you can always reload from the clones you just got through making before they showed up on your threshold.

    If they are interested you could take them to Distrowatch and download a micro or mini like TinyCore or Puppy, burn it to CD, and show them how to use a live-run distro.

    If they are anything like our kids or grandkids they'll be past the curve and out in front before you know it.

    In Liberty!


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    Don't know mac, but I think elive looks pretty good for you, based on debian and available as live cd.

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    Take a look at Mac4Lin

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