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    Vector linux light claims to require 64MB RAM

    Even vector linux light claims 64MB is its system requirements:

    So far, I think feather linux or damn small linux would be a better choice for trying to install on a 32MB laptop.

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    DSL and Puppy have iso images of only 50 and 128Mb respectively.

    DSL last release was 4,.4 back in 2008 while Puppy has recently spawned several distros.

    Another new small LInux called Xpud also has a small footprint of 64Mb but it is nowhere as complete as DSL and Puppy. However it is one of the fastest one to boot.

    Vistcor is of course the distro that makes its name on able to run with the minimum computer resources and on the oldest hardware.

    I am sure there are plenty of choices in Linux for old equipment. The wonder of Linux is the same distros will be equally comfortable in the latest hardware.
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    There was a version of Mandrake 7.02, (Not 7.2) I think it was, called Air for i486, and it was designed for even a 486. Alas, last time I checked find it nowhere, except maybe Argentina, and that is probably gone by now. I do have an iso stored, but it seems to be corrupted. It actually had KDE, and while not blindingly fast, was also not molasses.

    I found my 2004 posting, which gives you an idea when it was out.

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    Damn Small Linux can run on 32MB RAM, will use swap space

    DSL will run graphics (X-windows) on as little as 24 MB RAM, but will use some space on the hard drive in addition as swap space, which will make it run slower than if it could fully load into RAM.

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    There's always Slackware.....pick one.
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