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    Dump and Restore

    Dear guys

    Please tell me the another way to take backup and restore in root boot and swap file system. I just want to know dump and restore command. I hope the linux will stand up after restoring the root, boot and swap file system.

    Muhammad Irfan Qadeer

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    (1) You do not need to backup a swap partition.

    (2) You generally back up folders or the entire partition. /boot holds only the booting files that rarely get changed. /root holds files for the root users while /home is the main subdirectory for the normal users. They are all subdirectories to /.

    (3) Two types of backup in general. One deals with files like command cp, rysnc, tar etc. The other deals with sectors in the hard disk using dd.

    (4) the full name of dd is data dump. It is the only method that backups the boot sector.

    (5) If you worry about Linux not booting up then dd a whole partition is a safe option but dd copies only "1" and "0" and so empty spaces are also backuped. In General it is a lot easier to fix the booting process by a Linux Live CD. The industrial standard, even fopr the M$ systems, is the original installation CD or DVD should be sufficient to rescue the boot loader. Your personal data should always in /home and that should have a back up. Everything in Linux can be rebuilt.
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