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    Redhat Desktop issue

    Dear Guys

    I am working on redhat linux AS 5.5.
    My customer asking me about the desktop of redhat linux AS 5.5.
    There are four desktop in linux by default. My customer want
    except one desktop all three desktop getrid of any type of icon.
    how to remove icon in three desktop except one. Could you please
    anyone to solve my issue


    Muhammad Irfan Qadeer

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    This is for GNOME on Archlinux, but Redhat uses GNOME, so it might work there as well:

    Removing default icons from desktop
    I like to keep my desktop clean, and perhaps someone else too. So here is how to remove home folder, computer and trash from desktop:
    Open terminal
    On terminal type: gconf-editor
    Configuration Editor opens. From there navigate to: apps --> nautilus --> desktop
    Untick all the icons you dont want to see
    You are done, the icons should disappear immediately

    This came from

    Scroll down the page to "Removing default icons from the desktop"
    I would guess that you could do this on three of the four desktops. I don't know if it will carry over to all desktops.

    You could also try posting to Redhat or CentOS forums (CentOS is the same code, with just the proprietary trademarks of Redhat removed).

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    Also Scientific Linux. 6 is out.

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