Last night I switched my main email account from pop3 to imap. Today weirdness:

System is Ubuntu 10.05 LTS, running Evo 2.28.3.

1, The "On This Computer" section is getting new messages, particularly are these ending up in the "Junk" folder, and these are duplicates of the ones in the main email account's "Junk" folder. Why am I getting two of these?

2. Messages in the inbox and a "2011 archive" directory I have set up (to which I simply move messages I want to save for later use), and other directories show certain messages as bold and unread, even after I have marked them all read. (The ones which I reply to do not go back to unread.) So for instance, I mark a message read, and when I refresh or the computer makes another "run" to download new headers, voila! The message is now bolded and marked unread again! Any way to get this fixed? Did not have this problem in pop3 accessing this account.

3. I have two "Trash" folders in this imap folder. There is one that has a solid blue icon, and another that looks like a grey file folder. Some junk goes into one and some into another. Can I safely get rid of one? How?

BTW, the account I am using is on Compuserve.

Any ideas to help lasso the gremlins?