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    Question Cd Rom Emulation?

    Hi all.. I was wondering if anyone here knows of a software package that will emulate a Virtual CD Rom Block Device, on Linux. I understand that I can mount an ISO to the FS but this is not exactly what I am looking for I have some software that while it will run with wine. the software still expects to find a CD-Rom and for what ever reason won't find the physical device. Located on my system I am assuming because it doesn't have a <drive Letter>:\ style of being represented? While this software is easily find able and free on the windoze platform I can't seem to find anything comparable for the Linux Arena.

    Perhaps it is that it's not needed and I just don't understand how to get it going? with out some software support.

    Anyway I would enjoy a NON - RTFM Style response


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    No too sure what you are after.

    If you want a program that can read an iso directly just open it as an archive and extract the files. After the files have been extracted you can view video, play mp3 and edit any photo. That is just part of the standard facilities in a Linux desktop like Ubuntu.

    Not seen a program that eliminate this middle conversion process yet. An iso is just a file in iso9660 standard that needs to be converted before it can be manipulate as the normal entities in an operating system.

    Your problem seems to be related to the programs addressing to the CD drive by the "device" name and that is unlikely transferrable. I did remember a forum member here reported to have built a CD server so that it could read any iso directly.
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    Presumably you could edit your Wine configuration to treat an ISO image as a virtual CD drive.

    Unfortunately I haven't used Wine in many years so you will indeed have to RTFM to figure out how to do it.

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