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    I miss Linux

    My last post here was about my new Lenovo "netbook" (http://justlinux.com/forum/showthread.php?t=153955) and at the time I decided to stick with a Windows installation.

    I installed fresh copies of Windows 7 and drivers and such, and everything from a technical point of view is working "OK"....Netflix, HD video playback, etc...all work as expected.

    I've even installed Steam so I can play "Portal".

    I did install 8gigs of RAM which is really a massive amount of memory for such a small device.

    With the RAM, however, I can run Virtual Box and I do have a few Linux virtual machines running.

    All that said, I totally miss Linux!

    I don't Netflix nearly that much on this, so that doesn't matter.

    I don't have a source for HD videos.

    I've finished "Portal", and "Portal II".

    I think that simply over time, I don't trust Windows. For some reason lately, Firefox takes over 1 minute to even start. VLC crashes on certain videos and even when it doesn't, it too takes a significantly long time to start.

    I miss apt-get.

    I miss being different.

    I miss the always there, always working, always reliable command line.

    I honestly think "Windows Explorer" (not Internet Explorer) is broken.

    There are some features I like in Windows 7, but having multiple workspaces on such a small screen is almost mandatory, and still not inherent to Windows.

    I'm not sure where this post is headed...I just wanted to share and hope you'll take me back and forgive me for cheating on you.

    I have other drives and when I get back home on Tuesday, I am installing Linux!

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    The more the merrier , i have a windows machine for the wife and it is ok but i prefer the pingouin also for the flexibility , nice to see you back , sure you can help a lot of people here (with over 1800 posts)....and i like to be different also
    3 Slackware12.1 and 1 Debian Squeeze (3 puters), purring

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    I bet if you look around you can find Linux whever you left it last... right next to those keys you misplaced.

    And do you miss folding?
    Folding is Fun

    I thought I made a mistake once, but, of course, I was mistaken.

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    ah.....it's good to be home!

    Right after I started this thread, my awesome new netbook died!! Well, just the LCD went out.

    I must say Lenovo support it awesome.

    They shipped me an empty box, that I picked up at UPS.

    I put my netbook in it Tuesday night, it made it to Tennessee (from Mass), was repaired and shipped back and was at my house 32 hours later....VERY impressed.

    Anyway, I've been struggling to get Linux installed via USB (more on this later), but a CD based install of Fedora 16 went smoothly (wireless card and all!).

    So I'm back, and boy does it feel goooooooood!!

    (I'll update my other netbook review with the Linux install)

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    It just so happens that I'm not much interested in gaming. In the time it takes for me to get good at an elaborate game, I get bored. And I can't really afford netflix. I believe that this is why I haven't used Windows in years. I've never once used Vista or Windows 7. But other people are going to have a more difficult time of it.

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    They say that the "change from W98" over to winXP - mad a lot of people - grumpy

    it's also rumoured- that they also got grumpy
    - when the "change from winXP" over to Vista - occurred.

    The next fun thing is "Win 8" - it's different - again - surprise - surprise.

    Yeah:- linux doesn't "run everything" - but it's far more stable / secure than any M$ O/S ever will be.

    & yet 'people' tolerate this "change" - I don't like the way M$ messes with things,
    - mainly to keep their profit margin(s) UP.

    Not everyone can afford to 'keep upgrading' - & so I am surprised that they let M$ get away with it

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    I hear you. I ran Windows at work for a few years, but eventually I got so tired of dealing with its shortcomings that I went to some pretty extreme lengths to get Linux installed and still be able to do my job. Never regretted it, and the fact that I'm on a different OS has actually exposed a couple of bugs in the software I'm working on.

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    My last box with XP just croaked the power supply last week so for the first time since Win3.0, I am windowless. Except for playing a little CIV II, I haven't used a Redmond OS for years. Don't miss it, of course, but I now know so little about the current Windows that I can't even throw barbs at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happybunny View Post
    ...I just wanted to share and hope you'll take me back and forgive me for cheating on you.
    Ooooh, you've been cheating on us and now you want forgiveness! We'll have to think about that carefully, don't we.
    (... thinking 10 seconds...) OK you're forgiven - but don't do it again!

    No seriously, there'll aways be things to like in some other system or something that works better "over there".
    .... don't know where this reply is going either? Just felt like replying!
    In pingvino veritas!

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