Load average on Multicore CPU with HyperThreading

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Thread: Load average on Multicore CPU with HyperThreading

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    Load average on Multicore CPU with HyperThreading

    So, I know that for a quad-core cpu 100% utilization of all cores is a load average of 4.0. But I have a Dual-Core system with HyperThreading that shows up as 4 processor cores in htop, for example. So even though my system is dual-core, since it reports 4 cores to the OS then 100% utilization of all cores of my CPU is a 4.0 load average right?

    I was just getting worried because my 15 min load average is 2.52 on my server. I know with a single-core system you should start to investigate if the load average goes above 1.0 for a server, so I assumed that for a dual-core server the same is true with 2.0. But since I have HyperThreading I should really only investigate if my load average goes above 4, right?

    I'm just looking for some clarification on how load average relates to multi-core processors with hyperthreading.

    Thank you!

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    That's right, with HT you get twice as many cores in (h)top.
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