One of my servers seem to have a weird conflict which I don't seem to be able to solve.

The problem: it sometimes forgets the users, still binded to active directory, but the id number changed all of the sudden, and all users in active directory now have different numbers which causes permission problems because their home directories no more follow the permission as it doesn't show the user that it used to be.

root@centos1$ id alon

uid=11157(alon) gid=10512(domain admins) groups=10512(domain admins),10513(domain users),10000(BUILTIN\administrators),10001(BUILTIN\users)
root@centos1$ su alon



so now when i list the directory of alon and directories under alon, here is the problem that I mentioned:

alon@centos1$ cd ..

alon@centos1$ ls -l | grep alon

drwxr-xr-x. 27   10024        10007 4096 Nov 15 14:06 alon
my uid should have not changed to 10024,
is there anyway to fix it instead of chown and chgrp recursively?

I already tried restarting winbind, smb, and nmb, but i had no luck to fix this issue

I would appreciate very much any assistance into this.