official steam release for linux

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Thread: official steam release for linux

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    official steam release for linux

    Saw it on slashdot last night, looks like lots of games are already ported...

    From what I can tell from the installer, it is really meant for Ubuntu 12.x 32bit systems, but I've read reports of folks using it on 64bit systems...

    Personally, if you can afford it, I think "we" (Linux users) should buy what we can, show that there is a market for our platform. I did it with Loki games and their original ports, and I'll be buying a few games this weekend on steam - assuming I can get it to install on a Mint 64bit system.

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    I've got it running in gentoo using their steam overlay.
    Got nearly the whole orange box going, as well as portal - keep up the good work Valve!
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