Android is an operating system created by Google for mobile devices. Basically turns your mobile device into a pocket computer. With Android you can surf the internet like a computer, install more than 80,000 Android Market applications (like Gmail, Pandora and Facebook), play games, listen to music, watch videos, send text messages and make calls. addition, is an open source software, which means that not only can improve Google developers, but also draws on contributions from external developers. Update your device to version 2.2 will allow you to enjoy more benefits and will not cost you one euro.

Speed ​​and performance improvements

When upgrading to Android 2.2, your device will be between 2 and 5 times faster. Then notice that Internet searches, e-mail and in general all the applications are much more fluid. The browser that supports JavaScript (the programming language that allows interactivity on web pages), is now 2 to 3 times faster.
Access Point Wi-Fi instant

With Android 2.2 you can turn your device into an access point Wi-Fi and access the Internet from your laptop or game console, just like you would connecting to Wi-Fi in a hotel, cafe, etc. Once connected, you can access the Internet through the network that is configured on the device, from anywhere you reach the coverage.
Browser support Flash

Unlike some devices, version 2.2 allows you to take full advantage of all that the Internet offers. Android 2.2 supports Adobe Flash 10.1, Adobe Air , file uploads and the Javascript engine Chrome version 8. This gives you access to the whole network, as well as interactive web pages and fantastic games.
And much more ...

Here is just a taste of what you can do with Android 2.2:

Download music directly to your device via the Android Market.

Make hands-free calls and voice dialing.

Easily restore your application data if you lose the device or buy a new one.

Enjoy greater compatibility with Microsoft Enterprise and Microsoft Exchange, with improved security and calendar synchronization.

Share your contacts via Bluetooth.

How do I get Android 2.2?

Android phones can be upgraded in various ways, depending on operator. If you have an older version of Android, asks your operator instructions on how to update your specific model.
Do I have to change operator to use an Android device?

No. There are many operators that sell phones with the Android operating system installed. Visit the website to see if your carrier offers Android devices or visit the website of the Galaxy S smartphone and Samsung Galaxy Tab .
Is there more than one Android phone?

Yes, there are many phones that are pre-installed Android 2.2 operating system, so you can easily find one you like. Visit the Samsung website for all Android phones or contact your carrier.