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    The question that I have is as follows:
    It has been stressed ,to backup your home directory when you want to do a fresh install ;now ,the query that I have is ,when do you actually transfer the home file to your new OS.
    Thanking you.

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    I thought someone would answer this post as it sounds trival to me.

    If one has a back up copy of the home directory, does a fresh re-install can surly copy the files off the saved home directory to the newly installed distro any time one wishes.

    Is there is optimum time to copy the files?
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    I've got a separate /home partition,
    so, when the time to re-install an O/S,
    from the live_cd - I re-name the existing <user'_name> directory
    to say <user_name2> & then re-install, using the old_user_name.

    the install will usually proceed until the end & offer to re_boot.
    once re_booted into the <new> O/S
    - then I simply copy over anything that is required from <user_name2>
    into the <new_user> partition that is within /home.

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