Hello out there,

Hope you guys are well these days :-)

I've run into a rather difficult problem, so I hope someone has a suggestion apart from re-installing the whole rig.

I just installed a local CentOS 6.5 server with Samba and VLC on another machine that is connected to the LAN. When I went back to my desktop PC there is suddenly zero network. Both ethernet lights are now on constantly on the back of the card. I also cannot access the routers' web interface from it. There are two ethernet cards in the machine and both fail in the same way. I've tried:

to turn off the new server and then restart the desktop PC.
switch from static config to DHCP config on the failing desktop PC.
to reset my router to factory default.
create new static conf on the card in the desktop PC.
Switch network cable on the desktop PC.

Ping to is also OK.

The PC works fine with the LiveCD which I used to install it, so it's not a hardware failure.

What just happened here and how do i get things back to normal? I run Pointlinux which is 100% debian testing.

Thanx for reading.