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Thread: SPAM blacklisted IP - reason for blacklisting

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    SPAM blacklisted IP - reason for blacklisting

    Please where can i see reason an IP was blacklisted for sending SPAM?

    There is bunch of services like:

    They show on which blacklist i am, but i did not found single service which allows seeing reason or part of the spam message?

    In my case, an IP under my control is blacklisted at: SORBS Aggregate zone SORBS Spam (last 48 hours) SORBS Spam (last 28 days) Spamcop UCEPROTECT Level 1

    so question, where to see the detils on why im there, possibly spam message part. Thx

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    If you and or your server send me an email - I can use the option "report as spam."

    The email can be a simple "Hi how are you" type of email... But if enough people report it - they'll blacklist you...

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